LG 47LH90 Excellent LED-LCD TV

I bought two 47LH90s, they came on September 21, 2009. So far so good. Easy to set up out of the box, swivel stand attaches very easily if you follow the instructions and lay the panel on a padded surface (like a bed or couch). Both TVs are on the old Sony 27" TV stands. The 47LH90 only weighs 66 lbs with the stand and is easily moved by two people. The manufacture date was August 2009 on both.

I don't have an HDMI-ouput video souce yet but the picture with standard definition cable (480i and 480p) and high def cable (780i and 1080i) is excellent. SD performance is much better than I expected. We have both analog and digital signals (non-scrambled) here. The digital 480i picture is definitely better than the 480p for the same channel. I have only briefly begun to fiddle with the adjustments using the THX optimizer on the Ice Age DVD and the set's internal picture optimizer. The Ice Age DVD looks great compared to what it looked like on a 27" Sony VEGA.

The sound from the internal speakers is excellent, much better than I expected. I have no plans for now for an external speaker system.

Not only can the 47LH90 store picture settings for each video input but you can set a different profile for each type of cable signal (analog, digital LD, digital HD). I am waiting for my local satellite TV installer to come and install two DISH 612 Solo HD DVR receivers and a new dish.

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